Contact Sheet One – High Hopes



Bate, David (2009) Photography: The Key Concepts, Oxford and New York: Berg

Twilight : photography in the magic hour / Martin Barnes and Kate Best, compilers.

The concept I set out to achieve is the idea of trauma, relating to my personal experience of last year when I had a blood clot in my Brain and I wanted to highlight all the things I experienced. I felt that I could draw parallels with some of the trauma that my chosen artist had overcome. I wanted to pay tribute to Lee Miller as she faced so much trauma in her life as she was raped at the age of eight and left with a Venereal Disease, she encountered Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, following her experiences photographing in World War 2. Lee Miller

I used the idea of how Lee showed trauma in her work through the war and so I went to a gun point range in Dover, this place felt very desolate, isolated and alienated (sublime) this reflected my own feelings, so it felt metaphorically similar to the emotional place I was in when I was in hospital this was very symbolic.

SorrowI used the idea of black and white from Lee. I chose the above image, as I loved the way the greys are very much muted, which was another metaphor that represented the intensity of the lights that felt so blindingly uncomfortable. I felt lost and engulfed by the darkness that surrounded me.

Lost in mindDSC_5574_DJS1022_DJS1000writting_DJS0998writing_DJS0955Coming back to lifeWhy and how?

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