Contact Sheet Three – Solitude

Sorrow 5 Sorrow 6

This series really inspired me to make my photo-shoot, this was all about the isolation I felt at home, at University and also when I was in hospital. I felt as if I could be with thousands of people and I’d still feel alone and question why I was here and my place in the world and how I’d be able to reconnect to my surroundings. The torch in this image is a beacon of light illuminating the path this reflects the positive feelings I craved. I used an animated model whilst using a slow shutter speed (0.8) this reflected the sedentary life enforced on me by my health issue. I wanted to use a model with a slow shutter speed to blend her into the wall (like Francesca Woodman’s photograph).

Task 3 Image 3

I wanted to establish how easily you can feel lost in your environment and outer of touch with those around you. I wished to incorporate both intrinsic and extrinsic factors that enhance those feelings.

The ferocious light felt engulfing, the refractive lights from the windows and doorway exposed the images and cast shadows almost dancing in an animated motion. The overexposure of the pictures emitted the protectiveness of the impenetrable walls only able to cast shadows.

This gives an essentially core analysis of being feeling isolated and disconnected I have prevented a silhouette escaping so this encapsulates this visually. The extrinsic and intrinsic are separated disconnected and isolated from each other. This reflects how I felt and at the time was powerless to express.

_DJS1954_DJS1960_DJS1498bw_DJS14671_DJS14801_DJS15031_DJS1387writting_DJS1402writting _DJS1393writting_DJS1411writting _DJS1431writting


Twilight : photography in the magic hour / Martin Barnes and Kate Best, compilers.

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