Contact Sheet Two – There’s No Way Out Of Here

Sorrow 2

I used artists like this to influence the style in which I select photographs, adding a motion blur, movement, intense light and demonstrate abstract feeling to the images. Sorrow 3

Sorrow 4

This last image also inspired me because of the focal point in a section of the building and I wanted a focal point within my images so that people will be guided where to look. I wanted to use a method of a slow shutter speed 0.4 and have the lens fully zoomed in, whilst the shutter is open, adjust the lens to the 18mm again to create a focal point and a blur of light and movement.

_DJS1167writting _DJS1171writting _DJS1177writting _DJS1192writting _DJS1204writting _DJS1210writting _DJS1214writting _DJS1228writting _DJS1234writting _DJS1272writting _DJS1276 _DJS1160writting _DJS1283writting_DJS1288 _DJS1293 _DJS1356writting _DJS1371writting _DJS1374writting


Shooting space : architecture in contemporary photography / Elias Redstone.

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