Task Four

task 3

Roe Ethridge: Compositionally the model is placed onto the right side of the image and the compost is slightly more onto the left side therefore, balancing it out a little but the red carpet also offsets the model’s outfit. The photographer has used symbolic compost and a floral printed suit to inter- link the organic world to the commercial world in a less ethical way but still very communicative. There are also earthy hues, vivid colours the flowers appear to be growing out of the earth noticed by my evaluative eye, which some viewers may not see in this fashion portrait.

Task 3 image 2

Inez & Vinnodh: The tones in the image make you focus on the model, she is wearing the darkest hues in the tonal range. The background is a very elegant style of architecture this balances with the haute couture outfit that the model is wearing. The idea behind the image is that it shows the kind of things you’d wear to be seen in and what you would wear in the bedroom or in a more intimate place, perhaps less ethical and more subjective, however it does make us question inside or outside? The staircase is suggestive of leading upstairs or descending downstairs, artistically a vague narrative to provide a choice.

Francesca WoodmanTask 3 Image 3

The relationship between the outside windows and the wall either side represents an internal and external qualities. Having only one scale of grey in the whole image means that the image is muted, the tones making it feel very neutral. The image feels very motionless as the wall is flat as is the floor the model’s body is androgynous, very beautiful but lacks dimension. The image has a melancholic feeling perhaps drawing a parallel with Francesca’s life. The model poses very confidently but modelling in such a way she also likes a little uncomfortable, probably due to the rough floor and wall, the non-identity of the model makes us question the meaning of the image, the possibility that she has an audience and yet she is isolated and oblivious to her surroundings.

Looking at the image there is a square composition used eliminating space from the frame drawing our attention to the naked model hiding in the rough wallpaper, then we notice the two window frames on both sides that share a connection with the outer world yet a lack detail excludes our attention inside. We’re left with the question of the model and melancholic mood. We also feel that the model looks vulnerable because she is naked and standing alone in an abandoned room. We also see a very innocent woman standing like she’s waiting for the world to notice that she is out of step with the world’s time restraints, lost in time that she cannot influence. The image is layered but there remains in some sections of the image in the rule of thirds. This adds to the dimensions and the ethereal nature of the image. The image is a purposeful narrative; communicative of mood and is slightly subjective to some less evaluative viewers.

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