Evaluation For “Sorrow”

The concept of my choice of subject matter was easily defined, Lee Miller: her experiences with trauma, resilience, inspiration and talent, her style and presentation made the choice definitive. I felt impassioned to pay tribute to her; I felt a connection to her and wished to pay tribute to her. I felt she was a unique character and wished to mirror some of her concepts.

Critical debate and seminars allowed me to choose key words to represent aspects of my unit; I wished to incorporate internal and external influences, space and place, sublime, picturesque interpretations.

The experiences I underwent last year I wanted to share and explain my journey in a pictorial, visual way, I realise that culturally this is unusual, the subject is personal and subjective and maybe brutal to a sensitive disposition. I know in some cultures near death experiences are celebrated and culturally accepted, the temperateness of the culture to which I belong would not embrace my journey, I will persist as I feel impassioned and inspired by my experiences.

The concept is profoundly personal; I don’t want to make it superficial, critically non-emotive, essentially I want a dark experience to feel like a warm and inspirational journey. I feel that Lee Miller had a dark journey and she found those experiences enhanced her empathy.

The research I provided to underpin the subject matter was my initial playing of David Gilmour’s “In Any Tongue.” I subsequently researched, watched, and explored every medium to gain insight or inspiration. I wanted the research to be precise and compliment my work ethic, encourage knowledge based correlations between the elements.

I adopted a timely approach to my unit, this I hope has enabled me to continue to research and include the most concise information.

The shots I spaced out to aid the flow of my work and keep the fluidity of the thought process.

The five photo- shoots consistently follow the principles, I adopted, the three books: How to Understand a Painting, Shooting Space and Twilight, The Magic Hour. These enhanced my representational and visual knowledge.

I spoke to a fellow student who has experienced a brain injury and we set objectives to “soundboard our experiences and memories. We inspired each other and gained useful principles.

I hope I have represented visually the language to convey the message I feel so impassioned about and whilst it may be misinterpreted I hope it connects to the emotions of the experience. I feel that I have captured in my journey and hope it reflects the beauty of that metamorphosis.

I have used experimentation to explore and expand my ideas, I commenced this process initially and have used literature; news articles, interviews, which are included in the environment genre. The life changing events I visualised with decayed and theatrical props that were carefully and painstakingly collected.

I hope that this carried the visually appreciated depiction to the viewer and connected to them the thought provoking elements of trauma.

The contrast between the clinical hospital environments is in stark contrast to the dark and gloomy style of the wartime captures. I enhanced the dimensions with my lens by using a slow shutter speed to create the intensity of the light prisms. I will need to make some refinements such as using a smaller ISO and editing in PSD files and fit to scale printing to prevent the need for cropping key elements.

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