Concept – Metamorphosis Of The Disease


The story telling unit is a concept I feel inspired to write, for this unit I would like to recreate the stages of having lymphoma and how I recount those stages: the physiology and emotions, the phases of the emotions and the impact that the diagnosis had on me. I completed the full course of treatment and subsequently was informed that the disease had returned and was now considered to be refractory this resulted in further far more intense treatment. I would like to display this concept as a book format ideally that would juxtapose how theory and practice are not easily predicted; I want to share my journey in all its undulations. I would like the book to be factual and essentially autobiographical in its theme, the stark medical facts and the emotions that are felt.

I would like it to be a visual representation but also incorporating text to support the main theme of the story. This is aimed at the viewer having a greater understanding enabling them to build a greater knowledge of the situation. I’d like it to represent the clinical elements, but I would veer away from this as I would like to change aesthetic so that the story becomes a little more abstract and beautiful but also have a cinematic ambience much like the work of Gregory Crewdson. The inspiration of Gregory suggests to me that I should I feel empowered to use the compositional strategy he uses within his work, naturally this will be on a  much smaller scale due to the timeframe in order to achieve my concept, project. I feel that his ideas are far too ambitious for me to emulate in their entirety. I would also like to expand on the creative aesthetic by using colour in an extremely beautiful dreamy ambience in order to engage the viewer but much like the work of Gregory, I want to underpin the profound depths educate and enlighten the audience. I will use the creative writing element of this unit to reinforce the story and again use the idea of a factual journey but also a deeply personal story providing the backdrop that will build the synopsis of my story. I want to use dark complex metaphors and utilise them visually similarly I want to change the focus slightly to create an abstract feel that creates some beauty and reduces the starkness of the subject matter.

I want to explore many different formats hopefully inspiring me to understand how to use creative writing to my advantage. I hope that it will convey the most effective visualisation of the concept. I shall create many different elements and hopefully, this will help build my knowledge base in understanding what creative writing can add to my photography and how best to achieve the optimum results from this medium.

This body of work will use a studio setup, self-portraiture, varied lighting conditions and different colour spectrums. I shall experiment with these different elements. I will then work on the photographic body in Photoshop in order to create a cohesive visual representation of my story. I want the core elements to comprise different metaphors which will ultimately create a complex narrative enhancing the melancholic theme.

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