Profile Inspiration And Designing

What methods can a photographer use to build a profile?

A photographer can make portfolios, separate subject themes, they can manifest either as a physical or an online website.

A C.V. (curriculum vitae) is a great way to highlight the best photographic experiences, focus is channelled to demonstrate the talents of the photographer and showcase their work in a way that has greater appeal, this may take the form of the first rate selection being shown at the beginning and an equally exquisite choice for the last images to provide a lasting impression. The viewer can gain empathy with photographer and feel a connection to their personal choices, the photographer is able to display their personality through their personal statement and the selection of subject matter. This they hope will attract a fan base and will generate potential work opportunities.

Social media platforms can be used for widespread sharing, it is an effective way of sharing the most contemporary work; information and news. The audience will be reminded of the photographer and be reacquainted with their interest in them.

Business cards are a great way for clients or employers to promote themselves, there is a point of contact and a readily available number to reference, due to the smallness of the cards they can be kept in client’s wallets and purses, this will prompt the client’s memory as a visual clue. The platforms should be used in the most effective manner, this is a tried and tested formulae keep continuity via font, colour palette and logo.

A logo is very import as it is something a client or employer will remember you by, it must be eye-catching and will represent a visual identifiable design. The choice of logo is individual and will act as a reminder of the photographer and hopefully cause a reconnection to their work.

Why would a photographer use a website portfolio to showcases their work?

The artist obtains creative control of the design they may actively design it either themselves or commission a website designer with their preferred requirements. The use of a website as a portfolio is a very simple but effective way to promote their work as it can be sent to any employer or client in a matter of seconds, this will also mean that the costs are considerably reduced as there won’t be a need for printing, resources, delivery, post and packaging. The cost effectiveness is also helped by the fact that there is not a need for the portfolio to be returned.

A photographic website should be very simple in layout and professionally designed. Website designs should incorporate; Simple drop-down menu function, easily readable text but also continuity throughout the whole website, limited colour palette, copyrighted, bold images and separate categories for different work themes. The client can have their speciality in a database so that they are recalled in a time efficient way. The design of a gallery aids the audience to make enquiries about the images they see, the subdivision and the categorising of subjects’ makes navigation easy, logical and extremely user-friendly. The layout needs to be stimulating and present the viewer with the photographer’s talents and an overview of their work ethic.

A public CV could be included; a list of exhibitions, awards, press releases about the work are also useful means of promoting the photographer’s work and credentials.

website-insp.pngI was originally inspired by this photographer, many years ago, I found myself influenced by the style and layout of this website. I thought it made the viewer instantly interested and very successfully drew the audience’s eye, the layout was extremely simple, minimal and very powerful however all the information was there to be viewed. The photography is monochromatic white and black and enhances the focus without detaching from the detail of the work. The social media platform is a great option from the onset and all the key menus are visible, easily accessible, these are all features I would like to use in my own website branding, I would like my website to be simple, effective with all the key information, but displaying easy guidance for any viewer.

Website Ins2I feel that the displayed layout works extremely well and the categories are very easily found, there are different and uncomplicated titles in keeping with their own themes, this is very easy to navigate around and feels cohesive as a website. I also like the fact that copy- right is below the work therefore not detracting from the aesthetic this is very effective but non-intrusive therefore informing the viewer that the work should not be copied or taken from the photographer without spoiling the image’s appeal.

WebspcontactI like the format of this contact sheet as it is simple to use but states the key objectives. Stavars also gives you an email option as well as this contact format.

website infoI like the information given in the biography as it is comprehensive to read but effective in giving the back story or the underpinning behind the photographer but also provides a clear understanding of how he creates his work. I think you almost gain a personal connection with the artist statement and a sense of clarity as to why he feels empowered by architectural photography. I think the font is very easy to read and is very simplistic in nature but incorporates all the essential main facts about the photographer. I would like to create something similar with my personal statement and biography to provide an insightful understanding of my work.

KIrsty MitchellThe first thing I noticed when taking the print screen was that it disabled print screen this I felt was a safe and effective way of securing the artist’s work, it stops viewers from saving the work. I like the brief but enlightening information given in every part of the website but also the powerful imagery stands out so beautifully the concept and thoughtful planning of the monochromatic choices displayed as the website is on a black base with white text this also means that as the work is colourfully enhanced, making it stand out even further. I like the simplistic layout which is very effective, there is a good menu system making it easy to navigate.


km-e1498571944259.pngThe statement given by Kirsty herself is effective and powerful and enables you to understand her motives and why she was inspired by this medium. I like the way that it is a white base with her image behind it but also with an image beside the text of Kirsty, which includes the artist herself in amongst her work. I would like to create the same kind of information delivery and adopt the way it is written in my artist statement/biography as I think it is very engaging for the viewer and poignant too.

km bnlogThis section of the website is in a blog format which I like as it feels very active and engaging and almost as if you can get lost within the work but is still easy to navigate through. I would like to have my own blog system encompassing all my recent work so that they are able to have a contemporaneous feel.

kmendAt the bottom of the website I noticed added platforms and additional pages which are helpful for the viewer to access, this is something I would like to use myself in my website as I would like my social media platforms to be linked here and include all the key navigation so that the viewer is never too far away from the core at the heart of the navigation system.


Designing My Own Layout.


I then decided to plan exactly how I would like to layout my own website and I thought about having large images on the screen as a header as I feel this would make my work much more  prominent and perhaps the  use of interchangeable  images would give a randomised feel when refreshed so that a new image pops up. I decided I wanted personal information in the different categories throughout my portfolio but a brief insightful overview about me in the homepage with a few images to illustrate the text. I wanted the categories to be clearly laid out with a thumbnail to each and how it relates to the category and then by clicking on the category enabling the audience to be able to view each image with an informative caption. I wanted the layout to be simple but effective and I want it to be either black or white so that the image will stand out. I want all of my social media platforms linked to the website so that the viewer is able to very quickly click on the separate links to see my most recent work as it will be updated much more frequently than the website but also gives a separate perspective on what I do on a day-to-day basis. I wanted to create something whereby the viewer is able to download the images. I wanted a contact page much like Martin Starvars so that I can be easily contacted by the viewer if they have any queries.

I then mapped out my ideas for a website template. I looked into WordPress as an option to help create the website as I know that WordPress was very simple to use to create websites but also very effective. It took a long time sorting out the website and making sure the layout was correct, ensuring every category had a little section explaining the purpose and the narrative underpinning it. I Spent a long time changing the titles of the images because when they were originally uploaded they were simply called the name of the image straight from the camera which I didn’t think looked professional, as a result, I wanted to edit this and include my own caption. The website planning and creating was a very tediously long process taking over two days as the website is relatively slow I would like to perhaps in the future create a new website using Adobe Muse but currently I feel that this has all my featured requirements that I effectively desired for my website and adequately serves the purpose as a portfolio. I like that the categories are split by every element from my main work so that  I can connect to a client I will be able to link them directly to a category if they were looking for a specific style and this is a very simple and effective way of exhibiting my work.


web menu

web c

I also decided to print a booklet as I realised this would be very useful skill to have for the future as being able to print your work is a standard requirement in employment and this took a long time to perfect so that the pre-sets of the screen and printer would match and I subsequently experienced a lot of issues as I was trying to print from Adobe InDesign and then realised that this wasn’t working and had to drag the whole booklet into Photoshop and put the pages together manually so that they would print as a booklet on paper but also had to manually work out how to print double sided which was very tedious and utilised a great deal of trial and error and this took three days to perfect and I still felt there could be lots of improvements made and this is something that I want to improve for future projects ensuring the process is perfected and therefore knowing how to print directly from any Adobe program.



Business Cards: Essentially business cards are similar in design as the concept behind them is to provide information and contact ability. I wanted to add a striking feel to my own creation. I have mulled over the idea and have struggled to find the exact design, I know that I want to include my initials in my Logo and a camera to show the nature of my profession, I also want a ‘catchphrase’  “Stories of Life, Beautifully Told” the colour theme I am still working on and have many ideas to work on.

Business card

Business crd2  IMG_3067



Logo designing: The concept for my Logo design took a multitude of ideas and designs, I tried many aspects of a planned theme and ultimately did not use any of the original ideas. I really liked the idea of the natural palette of nature’s colours, elements, for example, water, air, earth and sand, but my peers suggested this was too complicated and I was overthinking the concept, I, therefore, abandoned this idea in favour of looking through the camera lens and depicting my eye colour. This also created technicalities that were too problematic, I then adopted the idea of a very simple design based on my initials with a three-dimensional view, this design looked the most appealing and caught the eye effectively. The image portrayed demonstrates a tunnelled pathway into the A through the S and acts as a portal to suggest a journey through the image which is my created world, the colour scheme was chosen as a theme in which was subsequently muted to gain a monochromatically appealing image. This design I was happy to utilise as my logo.

Logo finishedLogo

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