The Future Of My Photographic Practice

What topics interest you, both visual and contextual? and why?

The topics that interest me the most are metaphoric in nature and personal. They are emotive and in relation to health. I found myself interested in taking portraits that unpick body language and facial expressions and use these elements to tell the story.

Visually, I found metaphors to be the most appropriate way of combating my thoughts within a subject as they aren’t directly relating to the subject matter and therefore can be relatable to anyone who has been through anything similar and it enables them to understand what I am trying to portray.

In the contextual side of my work, I am fascinated by a vast array of subjects. I love trying to piece together why things happen and how people adapt to their environment are therefore able to deal with them. I found myself being fascinated by all sorts of natural subjects and the underpinning that manifested within the subject, especially in relation to health and this is something I would like to explore further, I want to build a greater knowledge in this subject and therefore using multimedia in a way that incorporates all the senses and transports the viewer into the experience. I would also like to look into photographer’s essays to expand my knowledge.


What particular themes arise from or are dealt with in your work?

In my previous work I have found common connections and links that revolve around some form of health issue, therefore I wish to explore this from an artistic perspective. I like to explore, experiment and look at ways in which I can make them seem abstract yet relatable to any viewer but all with metaphoric attachments for sufferers with similar experiences. I have found different ways of approaching my health concerns contained within my artistic ability all of which have a different concept and eventually changed the outcome but retained the underpinned meaning. They all are exciting for me to create but also therapeutic to create every individual piece.



What is the link between your theoretical work and choice of research and your practice?

The links between my theoretical work and research do correspond as my research helps me to build a greater knowledge which ultimately impacts on my practice. In view photography I looked into many different theories to analyse beyond photography to determine what it actually means, doing a personal story helped enormously in combining all the senses; enabled the depth of the work to filter through. In the storytelling I explored similar stories that reflected my own experiences and compared experiences with other sufferers of lymphoma, my work also looks at authors work who talk about distress and vulnerability this I found helped the practical side of my work and helped it become more substantial.


What approaches do you take to developing your work (consider both practical elements and contextual), in other words what stages do you tend to go through to develop, realise and communicate ideas? Is there a pattern to your process?

Firstly, I developed the background of the concept and how it relates to me on a personal level, how I can work with the concept at an artistic level and then I combined both ideas researched artists that have similar concepts and some that relate to me on a personal level. A lot of the ideas all tend to be sporadic and I’d develop them between working and experimenting with different ideas until I have a final result that I feel is the correct reflection. I find that when I research it strengthens my practical knowledge and achieves the best outcome. I talk to my peers and gain insightful feedback from their opinion, I find constructive criticism helpful and also alternative methods they would perhaps choose and this enables me to consciously manipulate my project into the best alternative outcome. I found through all my work that incorporating this pattern of exploration, trying new ideas and experimentation helps build my knowledge and practical skills until I can fulfil the concept as a personal artistic objective.


If you were to assess your approach in both areas, what do you feel works and what doesn’t? and where do you see the need for development?

When looking at both areas due to the sporadic nature of my ideas sometimes I have many different ideas that I want to complete, and have little time to experiment with them, all I would like to experiment with more ideas, but I also know that when I feel an idea is right for me I want to explore every method that an idea can inspire. I would like to look at different mediums in which to portray these ideas photographically, exploring different visions that will give me the best outcome. The issues I have encountered so far have all been something I could improve on as they have all had to correspond to my health and fitting in around my ill-health. In my theatre Oracle work I would like to build my knowledge base by reading a greater number of books in all different subjects, all relating to photography but also philosophy too, as I have found this extremely interesting whilst researching this year. I would like to build my skills in essay writing and in creative writing as I have found this extremely enjoyable. I feel I was able to expand on my practical work and also to correspond with the physical elements of the work as it went hand-in-hand with the work.


Where does your work sit in terms of genre and the creative industries? Think about the strengths of your working practices as well as interest – and whether these fit? And why?

The genre of my work tends to be more fine art/ documentary than anything else I approach things in an abstract manner but hoping to be educational for my viewers.  Where I believe this takes me in the creative industry, I hope I will be able to raise awareness in the short-term future and work with companies that incorporate this. I would like to create my own sets and projects in my spare time.  Experimenting with lots of different ideas. I would like to retain the idea of fine art the most and perhaps use other mediums to my advantage in the future projects. I believe inspiration is a personal strong point, therefore I don’t  lack ideas that I would like to pursue and therefore I would like to have supportive assistance myself as a goal in my subsequent career which will allow me to experiment and gain future ideas. I would like to keep with the idea of documenting art and health but also pay attention to science and these I feel harness the power of both. I think that going from different subjects helps to keep the creativity flowing and so that subjects still remain interesting.


Where do you see your career heading? In terms of a career pathway in helping support this.

I would like to be an assistant for another photographer short-term and then work in a variety of different photographic pathways as I feel that this will be inspiring to try different things throughout my lifetime. This support will enable me to create a greater depth and focus on building my skill portfolio.

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